The equilateral triangle on the necklace Eminem wore at the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards isn’t just another example of a rapper’s self-indulgent bling, nor is it more fodder for the Illuminati theorists in the Hip Hop community. reveals that the symbol represents the Sobriety Circle and Triangle used by Alcoholics Anonymous.

The triangle represents the three-part answer (unity, recovery and service) to a three-part disease (physical, mental and spiritual). The report indicates that the circle represents wholeness or oneness.

It was a fitting night to wear the piece, as Em won two Grammys for his latest album Recovery, which dealt with themes of overcoming addiction.

Not all the news regarding Eminem’s big night at the Grammy Awards was quite so positive, however, as one of Shady’s F-bombs escaped the censorship of CBS. “Live events are unpredictable for network programmers as well as the audience,” said a CBS spokesperson to The Hollywood Reporter. “Our Program Practices group worked diligently throughout the Grammys to enforce broadcast standards during the live telecast and for the edited West Coast edition.”

The situation may have been particularly vexing to Cee-Lo Green, who was forced to perform “Forget You,” the censored version of his hit “Fuck You.”

In related news, the star-studded event was had the best total viewership since 2001’s Grammy Awards, with performances by Eminem, Dr. Dre, Lady Gaga, and several others.