We all know that Wu-Tang is for the children, but now Eminem appears to be as well. The Detroit emcee shocked fans when he recently granted an interview to Troy, Michigan eighth grader Annie Reed for her East Hills Middle School newspaper. 

According to TheBoombox.com, Reed was planning on writing a biography of the rapper for her school newspaper The Cavalier Corner, but ultimately tracked the emcee down for an interview instead. Em’s publicist Dennis Dennehy said he was impressed by the 14-year-old student.

“I just thought, ‘Wow, here’s a middle school girl from Detroit who has some guts,” said Dennehy.

“It was interesting to hear how he learned from his mistakes,” said Reed after the interview. “He told me that he dropped out of school when he was my age, and I thought about what that would be like for me if I did that right now. Then I thought, ‘I like school!”

The article will be published in The Cavalier Corner sometime before February 22.