Snoop Dogg’s clothing and sunglasses company Serious Pimp has filed a lawsuit against a man who has allegedly bitten the design of Snoop’s OG Bandana sunglasses.

According to,the lawsuit claims that the company was solicited by Greg Stefanik, who stated he intended to manufacture and sell the OG Bandana sunglasses in 2007.

The deal never got any further than that, as Stefanik disappeared after he received the artwork for the sunglasses. It was discovered in 2009 that Stefanik had been selling knockoff OG Bandana sunglasses through Lowrider Magazine website.

In conjunction with entrepreneur Damian Kutzner and BIshop Don Magic Juan, Snoop founded Serious Pimp in 1999. “Serious Pimp is a high quality brand that markets high quality products worthy of the many celebrities who wear them. Our sunglasses have never been intended as a mass market product line and selling them at such low prices undermines the value of the products and our brand,” said Kutzner in a statement. “The actions of this individual and his cohorts have diminished the value of our brand and negatively impacted our sales.”

Stefanik has admitted selling the unauthorized merchandise, and ignored multiple cease-and-desist letters prior to the lawsuit’s filing.