Snoop Dogg has always been involved in a variety of projects ranging from a Snoop inspired automobile to a Snoop Dogg action figure. While he already released Snoop Dogg shoes with Doggy Biscuits and a Pony release, he is now unveiling his latest sneaker, one he will release through a partnership with Adidas.

“They coming out real soon for NBA All-Star weekend. Be sure to get you a pair of them,” he told DJ Skee while wearing a pair on his “Purp & Yellow” video shoot.

Snoop’s signature shoe was premiered in a black, purple and yellow color scheme. As noted, it is slated to hit store shelves at around the same time as the NBA All-Star weekend. 

(January 19)

UPDATE: New pictures of Snoop Dogg’s Laker-inspired Adidas have surfaced via Sneakerfiles. The shoes are going to retail for $90 and will sold at Shiekh exclusively beginning on February 11.