Snoop Dogg’s Youth Football League will hold its ninth-annual Snoop Bowl on Saturday, February 5 in Lancaster Texas. Although the day will feature seven different games with teams gathering from Memphis, Arkansas, St. Louis, and other places, the main event will pit Snoop’s All Stars against celebrity coach Deion Sanders’ TRUTH Select National Champion football team.

In the past, the event has seen participation from artists like, Flo-Rida, DJ Khaled, and others. Deion Sanders said in a statement, “I thank God [Snoop] shares the same love, passion, and focus for tomorrow’s leaders as I do. Some call him Snoop Dogg, I call him a friend.”

While Snoop is becoming a veteran in annual sports traditions, rapper Tinie Tempah is just getting started, using one sports tradition to earn some much-deserved buzz. The English emcee’s “Written in the Stars” will be featured on this year’s WWE WrestleMania. As one source explained to The Sun, “This could be massive for Tinie. It could catapult him into the mainstream pretty much overnight. It will only take a few thousand people to like the song and download it to kickstart a wave of interest in him and his music [overseas].”

Wrestlemania XXVII takes place on April 3 in Atlanta, and is expected to attract 72,000 attendants.