It’s a white-wash on the east coast. The cars and trucks are snow-covered, and we’re here giving you the hourly Hip Hop news and information to make the day fly by. Here’s some digital dope we care to share:

Who Stole The Last Piece of Chicken?

HipHopDX digs Esquire. That’s no secret. The homies over there laid out a nice look at Jay-Z’s Buffalo Boss Brooklyn, New York chicken franchise versus Flavor Flavor’s Iowa Flav’s Fried Chicken spot. While we used to frequent Crown Fried in our pre-diet days, this wonderful layout just made us hungry.

Read Jay-Z Vs. Flavor Flav Fried Chicken here

Jay-Z’s Diva Ish

There’s that old David Lee Roth joke about “pick out the brown M&M’s” from Van Halen’s glory days. Well, ContactMusic broke down what Jay-Z asks for. The man who raps about quality restaurant and sparkling wines has influenced a lot of Rap fans’ taste, so take note as you read about Hov’s demands to get no pulp in his OJ (Insert “no clouds in my stones” drawl here), several golf carts, and a very specific ’04 red wine. There’s no source here, so read at your own risk, but it’s funny to think about and ContactMusic is a legit source. When we get booked to speak and appear at events, all we ask for is a decent hotel room and a WiFi connection. #JustSayin’.

Read “Jay-Z Needs Golf Buggies At Concerts” here.

Yay Area

We love Bay Area Rap. Matter of fact, catch the DX crew with beers in hand, and you’ll hear Ant Banks’ name come up more than a little bit. Plus, we’ve recently been interviewing the likes of Spice-1, E-A-Ski, Mike Mosely, C-Bo, Mac Shawn100, Yukmouth and just reviewed Mistah F.A.B.’s I Found My Backpack retail mixtape. Anyway, loves the Bay too. They teamed with another site we respect,, to chronicles their opinion of the “50 Greatest Bay Area Rap Songs.” After riding around in our rental scraper in ATL during the BET Awards weekend, we’re gonna say that “Sideways” by E-40, B-Legit and Mac Shawn is probably ours. This list is incredible though, get Hyphy, get some game, get wild, get an education. Shout out to Fabby Davis, The Jacka, Killa Tay, Yukmouth, Davinci, Boots Riley, Bo, Shawn, Brotha Lynch Hung and all our NorCal homies.

Read “The 50 Greatest Bay Area Rap Songs” here.