Short Dawg has entered the Young Money house. Dawg, not to be confused with Too Short, who sometimes goes by Short Dogg, is a young Houston native. He’s got Southern Flame Spitta 4 out, a mixtape that is a part of a longer series, and he is now a member of the YM camp.

According to a recent interview with , the emcee spoke on linking of with Lil Wayne’s crew.   

“I mean it’s always good to be with the winning team. Actually, me and Birdman were just talking about how I grew up listening to Young Money and am how I am part of the record label now,” he noted. 

He also added that he was a big fan of Cash Money as a youngster, noting that he used to wear a Juvenile bandanna. 

“When I was younger, I used to have my Juvenile Army bandanna on. So it’s definitely special to have grown up looking up to some of these cats, and now to be with them is really special,” he added.