Yesterday evening, Compton, California emcee Game released his latest mixtape, Purp & Patron . The double-mixtape, is split in discs – one hosted by DJ Skee, and the other by legendary radio host and deejay Funkmaster Flex. With numerous Hip Hop guests including Rick Ross, Bun B, and Pharrell Williams, the Aftermath Entertainment star upheld his tradition of grandiose mixtapes. However, on one song, the controversial emcee aligned himself with three Hip Hop icons, known for making classics since the 1980s.

Disc 2’s “History” features Doug E. Fresh, Big Daddy Kane and KRS-One. The song finds the four men finding commonalities in their love of Hip Hop, as Game rhymes about getting his first boom-box “since I was five, maybe six / So what I’m tryin’ to tell you is that I’ve been fuckin’ with Hip Hop since the ’80s, bitch!”

A similar Kane and KRS collaboration (along with Grand Puba, PMD and DJ Red Alert) happened on Cormega’s “Mega Fresh X” on his 2009 album, Born & Raised.

Purp & Patron listeners may have also caught what may be the latest in Game’s five-plus-year back-and-forth verbal war with Jay-Z. On the song “I Just Want To Fuck,” also featured on Disc 2, Game rhymes, “If I met Beyonce today, I’d tell her I love her / And maybe we can play footsies under my covers / The dream I had about you last night, I’m tellin’ you now / Turn the lights off, and we can have a destiny’s child / We can throw on Jay-Z, who got the best of you now? / Or we can watch Waist Deep and you can wrestle me down.” Beyonce is now the wife of Jay-Z, making the song arguably a perceived diss.

Similar to Notorious B.I.G.’s “Just Playing (Dreams),” Game mentions several other notable singers and celebrities in the song.