There is something funny about Styles going to prison for stabbing someone in the ass. For all the gangster braggadocio he spits, I’m sure stabbing someone in the ass wasn’t quite what he was thinking about. Nonetheless, Styles P is headed upstate to do a bid. Styles turned himself in to authorities on Tuesday to start his 8 month sentence.

“Somebody got me aggravated [and] I did somethin’,” Styles told AllHiphop. “Now I gotta pay the consequences and repercussions. I wish it wouldn’t have happened. I hope the shorties out there know you gotta pay your consequences and repercussions when shit happens.”

“I ain’t got no fears! I’ma be sad ‘cause I ain’t got my muthafuckin’ freedom and I’ma miss my family, that’s about it. Other than that I’ma sit down and get my mind right. I ain’t got no fears ‘cause there’s guns on the streets and ain’t no guns in jail. There’s a couple bangers here and there, but I fear life more on the streets than in jail.”

When asked about his celebrity status, he had this to say, “I’m already respected in there. Whether I was a rapper or not, just when you a man you gonna be the same kinda man you are in the street. Don’t nothin’ change. If anything you better be more of a man than you are regularly. You betta step your shit up because you surrounded by nothin’ but other men! It’s forty four men in the block. You surrounded by forty three other men. I’m gonna be the same person [in jail that] I am every where.”