Hip Hop superstar Kanye West has enjoyed a great deal of success in the last two months. After achieving a platinum plaque last week of his most recent album, My Beautiful Twisted Dark Fantasy, West’s business interests were reportedly challenged, as his Chicago Fatburger restaurant has closed.

KW Foods, LLC announced the closing last week, of one of West’s two Chicago franchises. The Orland Park location is no longer open for business, reportedly due to financial reasons. West’s Beverly Fatburger restaurant remains open.

Kanye launched KW Foods, LLC in 2008. Another rapper, E-40, has also been a franchise owner for Fatburger.

(January 23)

UPDATE: Fatburger Marketing Coordinator Maria Brooks issued a statement to RumorFix in regards to Kanye’s franchise closing down. 

“From time to time, Fatburger Corporation and our franchisees routinely review the performance of each of our stores, and make business decisions regarding their continued financial viability.

It’s unfortunate that the Orland Park location owned by Kanye West Foods, LLC has closed, but we hope to have a presence in the Orland Park community at some time in the future.”

Kanye has another Fatburger in the city that is doing well, and has a deal with Fatburger to open eight more.