On January 25th the Leage of Young Voters Education Fund will partner will AllHipHop.com to engage young people to get their take on the state of political discourse in America and to help shed light on more confusing issues. Robert “Biko” Baker, Executive Director of LYVEF, explains, “The goal here is to help contextualize Obama’s State of the Union address through a youth perspective. We want to give our generation a greater understanding of how Obama’s address will affect their families and neighborhoods in the years to come.”

LYVEF and AllHipHop.com will also be teaming with Rock the Vote to host the State of The Union: Roadmap to Progress panel discussion. The dialogue will revolve around the issues raised by President Obama during his national address. Some of the panelists include representatives of the NAACP, VIBE, Def Jam Records, Rock The Vote, and Campus Progress. The State of the Union: Roadmap to Progress will be held New Organizing Institute at 8pm with a viewing party for the speech followed by three 20 minute sessions featuring the panelists.

The proceedings can be viewed online here, at the event’s Ustream page. Also, for more information, check the organizations Facebook and Twitter pages.