Hitting the road last week for the beginning of his Incredibly Dope Tour, Pittsburgh rapper Mac Miller recently spoke with Hard Knock TV about his youthful lyrics, his 2010 breakout mixtape K.I.D.S., as well as who he sees as the future of Rap.

Formerly going by the rap alias “Easy Mac,” the 19-year-old emcee explained that recordings from his earlier years are inspiration for him. “From time to time I’ll go back and listen to all the old first tracks I’ve ever recorded, and I actually really like them now. It’s not like I would show somebody [asking], ‘You’re Mac Miller? Play me a song.’ That wouldn’t be the one I’d pick, but for me it’s just really cool to see me that young and hearing myself that young going so hard, like really hungry.”

That same hunger over the mic can be heard on Miller’s Rostrum Records debut K.I.D.S., which allowed listeners young and old to revisit nostalgic memories from their teen years. “The whole concept was kind of like just about being positive and being happy and having a good time and having people my generation feel like they can relate to it. And having people from an older generation listen to it and remember, kind of like reminisce on being younger.”

Stating that his new life slogan is “fun is for everyone,” Miller added, “Everything that follows the whole idea of being a kid is something I feel is really important in everybody’s life whether you’re 18 or 52. Having [that] worry-freeness that kids have I feel is a great aspect to have about you.”

Watch below as Mac Miller lists his favorite new rappers, one of which he describes as “a beast,” and remember to wish the Pittsburgh-native a happy birthday via Twitter. His new mixtape, Best Day Ever, is expected to be released in early March.