Dipset fans have been waiting on this album for nearly a year now, and it looks like the debut collaboration from Cam’ron and Vado is finally going to see the light of day. 

The Harlem-based crew is looking to make a comeback in 2011, one that was kicked off by DXnext alum Vado and his critically acclaimed debut Slime Flu this past fall.

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No release date has been given to Gunz N’ Butta just yet, but it is expected to drop in the first quarter. Keep an eye on our release dates section for more info. 

1 Killa
2 American Greed
3 Heat In Here
4 Face-Off
5 I-Luv
6 Put a Bird Up
7 Monster Muzik
8 Breathe
9 F***-a-Freestyle
10 Lights, Camera, Action
11 Stop It 5
12 Speakin In Tungs
13 Nothin Personal
14 We All Up In Here
15 They Dont Like You
16 Different Cloth