Best known for his 2007 platinum-selling single “This Is Why I’m Hot,” New York rapper MIMS is striving to stay ahead of the digital curve with his [Open Bars] EP.

The free project, purposely left unfinished, allows aspiring rappers and producers to add their own touch to his records with the chance of appearing on the EP when it is officially released.

“I wanted to interject something into the industry that can directly affect my fans,” MIMS said in a statement. “Technology has made it so easy to interact with people on a level never before seen in music. I plan on using that ingenuity and that spirit when completing this project.”

Submissions for the [Open] Bars EP will run from today until February 11, with the eventual winners being chosen by a panel of music industry veterans. The full version of [Open] Bars will also be released digitally at a later date. For information and rules pertaining to this contest presented by Digiwaxx Media, click here.