According to The Detroit News, Xzibit owes the Federal government $959,523. The rapper/actor is no stranger to tax issues and financial difficulties. The former Likwit Crew member has filed for bankruptcy twice since 2009, shortly after MTV cancelled Pimp My Ride and his California home was foreclosed (which was sold last week for $610,000)

While he listed assets totaling $739,433 and more than $1.4 million in liabilities, he was denied bankruptcy in both instances. Court records indicate he was leasing a 2006 Range Rover for $2,230 a month while earning $497,175 for hosting โ€œPimp My Ride.โ€ After the show was canceled, his income dropped to $67,510 in 2008. In the 2009 bankruptcy filing, he acknowledged owing the IRS and said he had a verbal agreement to pay $250/month.

Here is a breakdown of what Mr. X to the Z owes:

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  • The IRS filed a $22,196 lien against him Nov. 2 with the Los Angeles County Recorder.
  • The IRS filed a $435,487 lien July 21, 2009, with the Bernalillo County Clerk in New Mexico, where he owns a home.
  • The IRS filed a $205,485 lien Feb. 4, 2009, in Los Angeles County. He owes income taxes from 2007, according to the lien.
  • The IRS filed a $296,355 lien April 17, 2008, in Los Angeles County for unpaid income taxes from 2006, records show.