Few rappers have ever used the internet more skillfully than Cali eccentric Lil B. The Pack member essentially built his fanbase through blasting the web with youtube videos and “based” tracks spread across dozens of Myspace pages. So it’s not surprising that The Based God would partner with Amalgam Digital to release his music online.

First up, an album entitled Angles Exodus, which will only be available digitally. Lil B told AllHipHop, “On Angels Exodus it’s going to be real Hip Hop and sticking to the script. I’ll be going far outside of the boundaries and staying far away from the script, too.” But that album will only be the first part of what B and Amalgam have planned for 2011. “This is Lil B. Shout outs to Amalgam Digital, they been ahead of this for a while. We are putting out these two albums called Angels Exodus and then Glass Face. It’s going to be historical works of art with these albums,” he stated.

The Berkley emcee is setting up his 2011 to be even busier than his 2010, a year that saw him releasing several mixtapes and official albums, including the ambient album, Rain in England which dropped in September.