Video stills and previews of Kanye West’s “Monster” have been floating around on the Internet for weeks, with rumors that the all-star posse cut would debut around New Year’s Day. The clearly unfinished version, which leaked today, features zombie cannibals, waifish females lynched with chains and Kanye with a few corpses and a severed head.

The nearly six minute long clip was directed by Jake Nava, who has been behind the camera for Beyonce’s “Single Ladies,” Usher’s “Burn” and “Milkshake” by Kelis.

The corpses will likely provide more Internet comment fodder for conspiracy theorists that have been trying to link West and Jay-Z with the Illuminati since the “Run This Town” video premiered. Nicki Minaj and Jay-Z are featured in more subdued scenes, with Nicki being tortured and seduced by her Barbie twin. Jay opts for a less dramatic performance in front of a lifeless body on a couch. And true to form, Ross’ brief intro is more of a cameo than an actual performance.

Does “Monster” follow West pattern of performance art videos such as “Power” and “Runaway?” Or has he “crossed the line?” Does the visual representation match up to DX’s “Collaboration of the Year?” Watch the video before it gets removed from YouTube and decide for yourselves in the “Comments” section