New Jersey’s favorite son, Redman, took some time out to speak on the state of his state regarding its current contribution to Hip Hop, or lack thereof. Talking with the Brick City legend discussed the pressure he feels being one of the only stars out holding it down for the Garden State:“It’s still a lot of room for Jersey cats. You know, we got dudes, I know Joe Budden’s holding down [Jersey City] but we need more. Me and him just can’t do it on our own. There’s so much talent out there.”

But the man born Reggie Noble is quick to name some up and coming talent he believes will raise Jersey’s profile, saying, “You got Ransom out there, he’s coming up, he’s been hitting hard. He just needs that one, that one to get up there to say, ‘Alright, he’s official, he’s Jersey.’ My nephew [Ready Roc] is next…Arsenal is always doing his thing. We need an album from Arsenal…We need something to solidify, saying, ‘Yo, this is how Jersey run. We got our own anthem. Yo, when the shit is going down over here, yeah I know we’re five minutes from New York, but we still own the world.’…We deal with all types of music but we’re great emcees out here.”

The Gilla House CEO also took some time to joke around about his home state’s most notorious export, MTV’s Jersey Shore. While he prefaced his comments by saying he hadn’t seen much of the show he made sure to let the world know that that portrayal of New Jersey is far from the one he knows: “I don’t knock cats…it’s great it’s supporting Jersey. It’s bringing money to Jersey…I appreciate that love but everybody know, that’s from Jersey, that that is far from what Jersey is.”

Redman’s latest album, Redman Presents…Reggie, was released on December 7th.