After “Black & Yellow,” Wiz Khalifa has green on his mind. The young emcee recently announced that his next single will be “Roll Up,” a song that will be on his upcoming debut. For now, that album remains untitled but it seems it will get a release in March of 2011. 

“I’m definitely looking forward to my next single coming out,” Wiz told MTV recently of “Roll Up.” “I’m looking forward to my album dropping in late March, which is gonna be exciting for me and the Taylors worldwide. Like I keep saying, always keep building on top of my brand, keep doing what I’m doing and make new fans.”

As for “Roll Up,” Wiz said he came up with that song after speaking to his people about “a look.”

“The next single is called ‘Roll Up,’ surprisingly. Really, I just needed another single and we were trying to come up with a look and then me and [my manager] talked about it,” Wiz added. “We talked about it for three minutes. And then I came up with that song.”

It seems Wiz is close to coming up with a title for the album. In the video version of the MTV article, Wiz asks someone off camera if he could announce the album title, but it seems the answer was, “No.”