The Conscious Rapper’s Hierarchy of Needs

Whether or not emcees enjoy being lumped into the “conscious rapper” category or not, there’s no doubt that Hip Hop fans have created such a category, and that, along with it, come certain expectations. has taken it upon itself to illustrate the hilarity that ensues when these expectations fail to meet reality with “The Conscious Rapper’s Hierarchy of Needs,” pointing out the indiscretions of some of Hip Hop’s most cherished “conscious” rappers.

Whether its anti-Semitic comments from Professor Griff, assaults by Q-Tip, or factual fallacies by Nas, this one is a must-read for anyone who thinks some of Hip Hop’s “intellectual elite” could stand to be knocked down a peg. Or two.

Erykah Badu As DJ Lo Down Loretta Brown

There is no denying Erykah Badu’s love for music, and the following is further proof of it. Erykah Badu helped deejay this past weekend at the PM Lounge in Dallas, Texas.

Her alias behind the wheels of steel? DJ Lo Down Loretta Brown.

Check the images of the event below, courtesy of