Following his being name MTV’s Hottest Emcee of the Year and a host of Grammy nominations for his latest album Recovery, Eminem announced earlier today that he will be broadcasting the Detroit leg of his “Home and Home” concert with Jay-Z from earlier this year on his radio station Shade 45. 

“As a special treat, for the listeners and the fans who missed the ‘Home and Home’ concerts with me and Jay-Z, Shade 45 is gonna air my performance from the Detroit show this New Year’s Eve at 8 PM,” said the Detroit rhymer. “If you weren’t there, this is what it sounded like.” (

The “Home and Home” concert series found Eminem and his “Renegades” rhyme partner Hova rocking venues in their respective hometowns of Detroit and New York City. Eminem described the experience of performance with Jay to MTV as a “bless[ing].”

“It felt great, man,” he said. “It was crazy. The energy of the crowd. Just me being home, you know? I don’t know, man – it’s a good thing. Blessed.” (