Ms. Jade, once a partner with Missy Elliot and Timbaland, is now discussing her issues with the two. During a recent interview with Star and Bucwild, she added more details about her early work, how speaking of how their partnership went sour. 

“When I first came out, my persona was the around the way girl. The Adidas sweat suits, the bamboo earrings — she took that and ran all the way down the street with it. A new artist, it looks like I was copying from her. Actually, it was the other way around. […] Missy Elliott swagger-jacked me.” 

She also went on to speak on her feud with Foxy Brown. 

“I’m good on her. I don’t really know her. I’m cucumber girl. It’s whatever,” she said. “Listen, that’s played out stuff. If you feel you got beef with me, then I got beef with you. And that’s it. That goes for whoever. [She doesn’t want it with me.] Not on that note, she don’t.”