With plans to appeal his dismissed lawsuit involving rapper Rick Ross and Def Jam Records, “Freeway” Ricky Ross spoke on his sentiment toward the whole ordeal.

“They made enough money off my name. Anybody with enough decency and respect for the game would have thrown me something,” he told XXLMag.com. Continuing, Freeway Ricky explained that a dismissed case hasn’t deterred his mission to recover monetary funds for the use of his original alias. “Rick Ross and Def Jam have all been eating off my brand. I feel it’s time they stop and I won’t stop until they do. I already filed my appeal. They tried to wear out my lawyers with money and they feel they can do whatever they want to do.”

Describing himself as the ‘little guy’ in this conflict, Ross added, “When they started this, they knew I was in jail with my hands tied. I am no longer in jail and now they will have to deal with me. They will have to see me soon enough. I’ll be at the award shows. I’ll be everywhere.”

In related news, Ross is in talks with BET to begin his own reality television series Freeway’s House.