For the second time in the last few months Carlos Godspeed of Top Agent Booking is being named in a lawsuit for taking money for a booking and not delivering. In September a lawsuit claimed Godspeed took nearly $50,000 when representing himself as the booking agent for Drake and Ciara. Neither artist was at the show that was booked.

The same accusation has been made against Godspeed, this time for failing to deliver Jeezy to a 2008 show in Houston. Three promoters, Chris Moreno and Sonny and Roger Manila, filed the lawsuit on December 13th with the Judicial District of Harris County, Texas. The suit claims that Godspeed represented himself as the official booking agent for the Atlanta native and took $50,000 for the show. Godspeed returned $23,000 of the $50,000 advance, but has not given back the remaining $27,000.

The 33 year old rapper is scheduled to release his fourth solo album TM103 in 2011. The Def Jam release was pushed back several times in 2010.