On the inserts to Dr. Dre’s last album, 1999’s 2001, the Compton, California music icon and then-production partner Mel-Man were photographed in a room filled with records, including titles scattered on the floor. During Dre’s recent VIBE cover-story conversation with Jerry L. Barrow, Aftermath Entertainment’s founder was asked about the status of his vinyl vaults.

“The record collection is gone now,” Dre answered, revealing that his collection was approximately 80,000. Claiming that he wasn’t using the records anymore, Dre prepared to part with the accumulated collection. “What I did was just went through and jotted down everything I was in love with so I could order it [later].”

In the Nodfactor.com outakes to the final published interview, Barrow asked Dre which records he kept. Three among the set aside records were Curtis Mayfield’s Super Fly soundtrack, Nirvana’s 1989 debut Bleach and Barry White’s Greatest Hits. Speaking about the Grunge record, Dre acknowledged, “That’s one of my favorite albums ever made. I still listen to that shit to work out.”

Dr. Dre’s third solo album, Detox, is planned for early 2011.

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