Despite an apology and attempts to clarify his two-week-old comments about “not sucking 2Pac’s dick,” Funkmaster Flex is still being questioned for the timing of his statements. Fellow deejay and radio personality King Tech, called Crooked I—who like ‘Pac once called Death Row Records home—to get a different viewpoint on both the timing and the comments.

“I know exactly what happened in that era, and I know ‘Pac was a wild cat, man,” Tech said, in regard to Flex’s statement that 2Pac brought a negative energy into Hip Hop. “He didn’t hold back his tongue at all.” Tech also played a series of 2Pac interviews, many with his co-host Sway, which showcased ‘Pac during some of his more volatile moments. Tech said he initiated a discussion on the comments because they had been on his mind for a couple weeks.

Many who disagreed with Flex’s comments, didn’t question his right to having an unfavorable opinion of 2Pac so much as the timing of his comments and the need to also pull the Notorious B.I.G. in the discussion by telling fans, “make some noise if you miss fuckin’ Biggie Smalls” immediately after his 2Pac comments.

“A lot of people are really questioning the reason why this is surfacing so many years after 2Pac’s death,” Crooked I said. “It’s straight up disrespectful. The man is in his grave, and his mother is active in Hip Hop. She don’t wanna hear anybody speaking on her son like that—especially over things that happened years ago. I watched it several times, because I really couldn’t believe somebody as powerful as Flex would speak on 2Pac like that in public.”

Funkmaster Flex has not been the only person to criticize some of ‘Pac’s actions since his death. Ice T also questioned the casino fight 2Pac was in, which many believe led to his death. And while Crooked I said he could empathize with the feeling of “being on the edge all the time” because of being signed to Death Row, the conversation kept returning to a need to stop pitting Biggie and 2Pac against each other.

“I think the days of us not being able to support both artists are over,” Crooked I added. “I can like Biggie and ‘Pac at the same time. I think the days of that being a divide are finished. It should be over.”