Since making his debut on EPMD’s Business As Usual in 1990, Redman has worked with the likes of 2Pac, De La Soul, Scarface and of course, Method Man. Now, as he approaches the age of 40, Red says his upcoming Reggie album gives him the opportunity to touch on other topics besides blunts and brew, and he’s also got his eye on some unexpected collaborations.

“I’ve got a song called ‘Mic, Lights, Camera, Action,’ Red told William Goodman, in an interview with Spin magazine. “In the second verse I’m picturing myself protecting President Obama. What can we do to protect our first black president? What can we do so he doesn’t become a statistic, like Martin Luther King Jr.?”

In other recent interviews, Red has referred to the project as a Reggie Noble album and not a Redman album. According to Redman, the distinction provides a forum to showcase “something unexpected.” In November, Red told Tim Westwood the album wouldn’t include any skits or “Soopaman Luva” sequels. Red’s wishlist of collaborators for the next Redman and Method Man album also reflects his desire to change things up.

“I want to do something way out there that shows the world that Red and Meth ain’t going nowhere,” he added. “I want to collaborate with some different artists, too…I’ve always wanted to work with Jamiroquai. For this album I would want [R&B crooner] Ryan Leslie, too. Red and Meth and Ryan Leslie. That’s something out of the ordinary.”

Redman’s Reggie will be released on December 7. For the full Spin interview, including the status of any future “How High” movie projects, visit