Jadakiss has never been shy about wanting to be in everybody’s top emcees lists. Cementing that is the title for his forthcoming album, Top 5, Dead or Alive, a disc named after one of his more famous lines. In the meantime, he knows he needs to continue leaking music and that’s exactly what he plans on doing, releasing a mix tape of old and news record, I Love U, before the year ends. Recently, Jada spoke about all of this with Vibe and added more regarding 

For Top 5, Jada said he plans on working with top Hip Hop producers in order to give his album a “1990’s” feel. 

“I’ve been searching for a new sound from some hungry, up-and-coming producers. But I’m also looking forward to working with Pharrell again, Dr. Dre, Swizz Beatz, DJ Premier, Alchemist, Just Blaze—you know, the great hip-hop producers. I try to get as much hip-hop as I can onto my albums. I’m trying to give my next one that real 1990s hip-hop feel.”

Fellow member Sheek made some people question his Donnie G cover recently, one that featured his face next to that of a gorillas. When asked about this, Jada simply said any publicity helps.

The cover… yeah, man. I’ll tell you: Publicity is publicity. Good, bad—you need some type of movement before your album is about to come out. And Sheek has that right now. You need people to be saying something. But the quality of music is what really matters. That overpowers everything. The cover is the cover and people can say whatever they want about it, but if your body of work is good, you’ll be alright.” 

I Love U should be out in December, according to ‘Kiss, while Top 5, Dead or Alive is expected near Memorial Day in 2011.