Geologic, one-half of the Hip Hop duo Blue Scholars recently used his Twitter account to reach out to Mike McGinn, the mayor of Seattle. Geologic reached out to Mayor McGinn in the hopes that he would further look into a possible case of police brutality.

“Dear [Seattle Mayor, Mike McGinn]: as your favorite Seattle MC (your words) I implore you to do whatever you can to hold SPD accountable for their actions,” said the rapper in a Tweet sent last week, reports

Like many major cities Seattle has seen the number of incidents involving police brutality steadily rise. Most recently an unarmed, young man who police thought was part of a local drug sting was kicked in the groin, chest, and head while being arrested by police.

Geologic Tweeted the link to a news story and video of the beating shortly following his Tweet to Mayor McGinn.

Mayor McGinn may have taken heed to Geologic’s suggestion because on Friday, November 19 the Seattle Police Department released a statement explaining that they may bring in an outside agency to further look into the incident involving police beating the young man.

“Chief John Diaz has directed the Office of Professional Accountability (OPA) to expedite the gathering of preliminary evidence and information into the videotaped arrest of a 17 year old robbery and assault suspect on October 18th,” reads the statement. “The purpose of this expedited review is to determine if the internal investigation into this incident should be referred to an outside law enforcement agency.”