Thursday the American Society of Composers Authors and Publishers announced The Legendary Traxster would enroll at the ASCAP Songwriter Residency at America Scores. The Residency allows Traxster the opportunity to lead songwriting classes at Chicago’s Chalmers Elementary and also record a song with a group of the school’s students. The finished product will be included on a compilation CD made available to all schools participating in the America SCORES program as well as a select group of music industry decision makers.

The Legendary Traxster produced Ludacris’ platinum single “My Chick Bad,” which stayed on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart for five weeks after peaking at the number 11 spot. Traxster has also produced “Po Pimp” by Do Or Die, dozens of additional songs for Twista and Mariah Carey’s “One And Only.”

“I like to believe my love for music saved my life having seen so many of my childhood friends fall victim to the streets,” Traxster said in a written statement. “In light of all the youth violence that has been occurring in Chicago, I am glad ASCAP has provided another platform for me to share my love of music with the youth of Chicago. Through the SCORES program I hope to inspire someone to pursue their dreams and avoid becoming another tragedy of the inner city.”

Traxster’s work with the Chalmers Elementary students will begin on December 1, with recording scheduled to take place on December 14 at CRC studios in Chicago.