Earlier this week, Miami, Florida veteran emcee Trick Daddy released his memoir, Magic City: Trials of a Native Son, co-authored by Peter Bailey.

Speaking with NBC’s Miami affiliate, Trick Daddy spoke about his childhood and how family led him to the popular catch-phrase “Trick love the kids.” “We grew up on welfare and food stamps,” began the rapper currently battling Lupus. “We grew up in the projects, so your family was everything to you. I’m a strong believer in God. You’re supposed to put God first, then your family, then you, and I believe in that. So it was easy for me to come up with a terminology like ‘Trick love the kids.”

The former Slip-N-Slide Records rapper then expounded that he’s a strict father. “I’m not interested in being friends with my kids, I’m there to be their father. You can be friends with your brothers and sisters [or] your neighbor, but you can’t be my friend, ’cause you’re not gonna like everything I do or everything I say.”

Citing that he’s presently at work on www.Thug2.com, Trick emphasized that he wants to show listeners that sex, crime and drugs are not the only subject matter that has to exist in southern Hip Hop. “I wanna do more music about life, more music about the struggle.” The album is believed to be billed as a sequel to his 1998 sophomore album, which garnered Trick national attention for the Trina-assisted “Nann Nigga,” a song that would solidify Slip-N-Slide’s place in the mainstream.

Last year, Trick Daddy released Finally Famous: Born A Thug, Still A Thug.

The video interview can be watched here.