For his sophomore album, Drake will look to accomplish what many see as a rite of passage for Hip Hop artists: securing a beat from DJ Premier.

In an interview with, Preemo revealed that he linked up with Drake by chance. “I met Drake at the Jay-Z and Eminem concert at Yankee Stadium. A good friend of mine does some charity work for Derek Jeter and was also working with Drake,” explained the producer. “He told me Drake wanted to come say ‘what’s’ up real quick before he got on the stage with Jay.”

Premier described Drake as humble and genuine, and the two watched the rest of the show from the same suite.

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Drake then asked DJ Premier lace him with one of his signature beats. “He said ‘Yo next album I want to do some stuff [with you]’ and that’s pretty much the end of it.”

Drake is currently working on his second album, after setting aside his R&B mixtape.