Authorities in Iran has cracked down severely on what they call “Western-perceived” contents in their universities. Property isn’t the only thing being restricted though, authorities are now targeting the arts. Most specifically, rap music. Tehran District Police Chief Hossein Sajedinia said the artists “made shameless music which they broadcast on the internet and via satellite.”

The artists aren’t stupid, they have taken to recording in abandoned buildings at which the cover the windows with old blankets. “They recorded music and filmed video clips in a subversive way. They then distributed the songs on CDs and via satellite networks and the internet,” Sajedinia added.”These bands use the lowest form of street talk, and such is the way of the people we arrested. They also acknowledged they had departed from the normal course of life and aspire to a life of limitless indolence.”

Sajedinia says that these groups are bad influence on teenagers as they are advocating inappropriate conduct. “All these pave the way to alienating the younger generation from the culture of Islam,” he added.