Rapper/entrepreneur Jay-Z is beginning to reveal more details in regards to his collaborative album with rapper Kanye West entitled Watch The Throne. Jay-Z spoke on the album in a recent interview with DJ turned radio/TV personality Tim Westwood.

“Yeah, before I came in to London we was in Bath. We was at the studio, Peter Gabriel’s studio,” said Jay-Z when asked if Watch The Throne will happen. “And we recorded some songs there so it’s exciting. It’s coming out.”

Jay-Z remained somewhat tightlipped about the project, but did reveal that the two artists have recorded “a lot” of tracks and that the album is “close” to being finished.

“It was a great, great, great vibe. Great things. We had fireworks coming out. We had a whole fireworks show. It was great…And then it’s this big room so everyone can sit in the room and add to the process. You had the producers in the room sitting all lined up. We were recording in the room, not the booth. We were recording in the control room so everyone got to see us while we were recording. Vocals and everyone had to be quiet,” said Jay-Z in regards to working on the album with Kanye in Bath, England.

News of Kanye and Jay-Z creating a collaborative album was spread back in August of this year. Originally the album was expected to feature only five tracks, but Jay-Z has confirmed that there will in fact be 10 tracks on Watch The Throne