Philip Bailey of Earth, Wind & Fire recently spoke to the Los Angeles Times about the inspiration for his newest songs. While the veteran spent years making classic hits, he’s looked to some of the relatively newer acts for inspiration.

“I’ve been working on my own project, which was very electronic inspired, and one of the artists I was inspired by was Cee-Lo, especially [when he was a part of] Gnarls Barkley,” he said. Bailey will feature on “Fool For You” on Cee-Lo’s newest album The Lady Killer and released a five-track downloadable EP, “Love Is Real,” on his own website.

Bailey is not the only artist venturing into unfamiliar music genres. Justin Bieber recently told MTV that his Hip Hop alter-ego “Shawty Mane” may be making a return.

“Shawty Mane is just like a funny character,” Bieber explained. “You know Justin Bieber is not a rapper, and it would just be lame if I came out rapping. It’s lame anyway because I’m a Pop singer, but I thought it was funny. I just did it as a joke. It wasn’t like anything serious.”

Despite this, Bieber says fans may see a bit more of Shawty Mane in the future. “I thought it was fun. I like rapping. Maybe in the future, Shawty Mane will come back.”

In other news, Snoop Dogg has landed a role in the new “Display King” Pepsi commercials. The campaign is helping to boost the rivalry between Pepsi Max and Coke Zero.

In the commercial, Snoop claims that he’s “up to his knees in zero calories.”