Although Lil Wayne spent most of 2010 behind bars, the rapper still managed to earn $20 million, landing him the no. 4 spot on the popular Forbes “Hip-Hop Cash Kings list.”

More surprising is the fact that the figure was $2 million more than he made last year. But can he catch up to Hip Hop’s gold standard for finance – Jay-Z?

In an article on, the money-minded publication doesn’t consider it entirely outside the realm of possibility. “Lil Wayne will be riding high from the proceeds of two albums — I Am Not A Human Being, which was recorded before he went away and made him the first artist since Tupac Shakur to have an album go to No. 1 on the Billboard charts while incarcerated. Sales could easily approach 2-3 million units. The eccentric rapper is also said to be working on Tha Carter IV, an album that could see the light of day sometime in 2011.”

The article predicts that Wayne could make the majority of his earnings from a concert tour. With the albums and tours combined, as well as guest appearances and merchandise, Forbes predicts Wayne could take in $30-$35 million next year.

However, the article says, Jay is likely to hold on to his spot. Although he won’t likely be releasing a solo album, his collaboration with Kanye West, Watch the Throne, in addition to a greatest hits album and his upcoming book, Decoded (as well as existing ventures), Hov is poised to rake in up to $40 million next year.