In May of 2005, Gucci Mane released his first nationally-distributed album in The Trap House, which was released through the legendary Tommy Boy Records imprint. Through the Young Jeezy-assisted “Icy” single, both a feud and a star was born. In the five-plus years since The Trap House, Gucci Mane has ascended the ranks as one of Rap’s biggest stars, and a flagship act for Warner Brothers/Asylum Records.

Fans will soon get an audio glimpse of the Atlanta, Georgia native’s earliest work. Phoenix, Arizona-based 101 Distribution announced to HipHopDX that have acquired the rights to release La Flare, billed as “the first album ever recorded by Gucci Mane.”

“We went through 101 Distribution because 101 was in a great position and we decided to put it out now because I’ve been holding it for nine years,” King Whoa, La Flare’s executive producer, explains. “Gucci was hungry and just coming into the
game, and it’s some of his rawest material ever. I felt the streets needed to hear that – the raw and real Gucci. It’s his baby, and the same stuff he was talking about back then is the same stuff he’s talking about now. He hasn’t changed. It’s the same ol’ Gucci.”

La Flare features 14 tracks, recorded in 2001, that were pressed on 1,000 CDs and sold through the Atlanta region. The digital album is available November 8 at and other digital outlets.

Gucci Mane’s latest album is The Appeal: Georgia’s Most Wanted, released this September.

Early recordings on rappers such as 2Pac, Juvenile and Rick Ross have been released in the past.

UPDATE: The tracklisting to La Flare is as follows:

1. Intro
2. Fo Sho
3. Red Eyes
4. Be A Thug (feat. Peter Man)
5. Pay Me (feat. Fruity)
6. 12
7. Say Cheese (feat. Ms. Angel)
8. G Lean (feat. G.Dead)
9. Rhyme Jav (feat. Mass Comm & Caliber)
10. Heard You
11. Muscles N My Hand
12. Befo We Bite (feat. Jughead)
13. G.U.C.C.I. M.A.N.E.
14. Outro