In another unfortunate shooting, on October 17th 2002, The Congo Room in the Miracle Mile district in Los Angeles became the scene of a senseless crime. Last week Def Jam Records held a listening party for one of their artists, which was sponsored by GoodVibe Recordings, when a fight broke out inside the club. With a capacity that possibly reached around 300 people, two men began fighting inside the club. The scene escalated when a gunman shot a man on the second floor of the club. The gunmen was said to have immediately fled the scene. The victim of the shooting, said to be a black male, reportedly died at the scene of the crime.

Reportedly, shots were fired outside the club and shot up several cars parked in the nearby lot. Police are still said to be investigating the specifics of the crime. The Congo Room is a co-venture between Jimmy Smits, Paul Rodrigues and multi-business owner Jennifer Lopez. No word has been released from Def Jam Records.