Atlanta, Georgia Rap star Gucci Mane has been arrested for a number of moving vehicle violations, said Atlanta Police Department Spokesman Curtis Davenport to website Access Atlanta. The 1017 Brick Squad founder was reportedly stopped by Atlanta Police this week for driving on the wrong side of the road, not stopping at a stop light, damaging government property, obstruction, and having no license or proof of insurance. Officers reportedly had to use pepper spray to subdue the Warner Brothers artist.

Reports indicate that this arrest happened earlier today (November 2). Gucci Mane is presently detained at Fulton County Jail.

The emcee, government name Radric Davis, has reportedly spent time in a drug rehabilitation center. One of Gucci’s classmates in Narcotics Anonymous told Ozone magazine of Gucci Mane being in the Georgia facility.

Gucci Mane has only been free less than six months. The rapper left prison on May 12 after serving time since a 2009 parole violation.

On September 28, Gucci Mane released his latest studio album, the ironically titled, The Appeal: Georgia’s Most Wanted.

Read the full local coverage of today’s incident and arrest at Access Atlanta.

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(November 2)

UPDATE: Access Atlanta reports that all charges have been dropped against Gucci Mane. The Georgia rapper was ordered released from Fulton County Jail on November 3, prosecutors said they wouldn’t pursue the multiple charges against him.

Gucci, real name Radric Davic, was told at his court hearing Wednesday morning that the case was being dropped “for want of prosecution.” However, the charges could be refiled.