Atlanta rapper Diamond, once a member of the Hip Hop group Crime Mob, was in for quite the surprise when her brand new Chevy Camaro was repossessed during a video shoot for a song featuring Young Money’s Lil Chuckee.

The rapper sent out several Tweets while the repossession was occurring last week.

“Sooooo tell me y I bought dis 2 brandnew 2010 camero!!! And theze fuckas cuz repo my car aint dat a bitch!!! ‘ISMELLFRAUD’ HAhAHA damn…I just bout dat shit SON!!! LEAST I GOT DA WHITE ONE. UP HERE TwO TO RIDE IN!! LoL,” said Diamond in a Tweet on Thursday, October 28.

A video was later posted the day after on YouTube showing Diamond and Lil Scrappy meeting with what appears to be a representative from the dealership the car was purchased from. The representative then explains on camera that the repossession was caused by a “glitch in the system” and that “everything’s cool with Diamond’s car.”

Following her departure from Crime Mob in 2007 Diamond went on to pursue a solo career and even went on to sign a solo deal with Battery Records/Jive earlier in the year. Crime Mob has since disbanded as a group.