N*E*R*D is preparing to release their fourth album Nothing on November 2nd, frontman Pharrell Williams was in Toronto speaking to Canada’s MTV, Much Music.

“As a musician and a producer I like to bring things that I feel that are missing, either elements of things we haven’t heard in 20 or 30 years or things that you never heard before,” Skateboard P said of the sound of Nothing. “I think this album is a blend of both things, because while a lot of it feels like classic rock and using a lot of the classic rock aesthetics, I’m still playing cord structures they probably would not have played.”

Longtime collaborator and one half of the Clipse Pusha T recently inked a deal with Kanye’s G.O.O.D. Music. One half of The Neptunes gave his full support. “Well he’s been on his own for maybe four years now. So, I thought it was a good move,” P said. “I thought him going over to the Kanye umbrella, and uh, I like look at labels like shields. I thought him riding for them was a wonderful thing.” As evidenced by recent singles (“Arm Piece “), Pharrell is involved in Pusha’s solo album. “Oh you know, it’s ugly as usual,” Pharrell said of their progress on the album. “In a good way.”

With the G.O.O.D. Friday release of “Don’t Stop! ” from CRS (Child Rebel Soldier), people are once again talking about the Kanye, Lupe, Pharrell supergroup. “We don’t talk about it so much. You know what I’m saying because, anticipation is a good thing but you know, like, you wanna just do it on your own time, so you can do it right,” Pharrell said when asked if they would be making more songs together. “We haven’t involved a label or anything yet, you know we just do it out of love so I’m not sure how to answer that question. But yes.”