Just Blaze had words for Joe Budden this morning on Twitter. Budden used an unauthorized Blaze beat for Stuck In The Moment from Mood Muzik 4. Here is some of what the producer had to say.

so ummm.. stuck in the moment IS my beat after all. srsly @joebudden? why? and the mix sucks.less than a minute ago via web

i aint never done nothin to do u but help your career bro hem. this aint cool. i aint gonna sit here and air this out on twitter. butless than a minute ago via web

we got too many people in common for this. i was about to give amalgam a free beat so YOU could be on the em album and… this? not cool.less than a minute ago via web

and i aint even have to do that. record was goin out regardless. i was just tryina make the record right and give YOU the look coz we gotless than a minute ago via web

hell i mixed and added to joell’s record for FREE, and i dont even know him like that. why wouldnt i do u a solid when we sposed to be coolless than a minute ago via web

It didn’t take long for Joe to apologize and fix the situation. Three hours after his original tweets, Just updated the situation.

me and joey will be dueling with cap guns at high noon at the south street seaport. pahty dunless than a minute ago via web

we’sa good. he apologized for not handlin correctly and explained, i explained my spazz was bc i thought we was frandz. and life goes on.less than a minute ago via web

(October 26)

UPDATE: In late October Just Blaze was unhappy with his former collaborator Joe Budden when he used a beat without his permission on Mood Muzik 4. While the issue was quickly cleared up between the two New Jersey natives, Joe took the time to explain to RapFix just what happened:

“When we were creating the Slaughterhouse album I got a beat from Emile; real talented guy, I love him,” Budden said. “I recorded to it right there on the spot. I planned on using it for The Great Escape but that didn’t happen at the time. So I said let me put this out on Mood Muzik 4. I love the record, I’d love for the fans to hear it.”

After being unable to reach Emile to get permission, Budden figured he was safe to go ahead and use the track. When he finally heard back from the Buffalo native the album was pressed and Joe was on a plane headed across the Atlantic. Emile informed him that the beat was actually produced by Just Blaze.

“In my head I’m like, ‘Am I in the fucking matrix or some shit?’ ” Budden wondered. “I haven’t got a beat from Just Blaze since who knows how long, this can’t be his beat.”

“Just also comes from that school of integrity,” said Budden, who called the producer to apologize after the Twitter outburst. “He just wants the music to be heard the way that it’s supposed to be heard.”