Detroit artist Danny Brown participated in New York’s CMJ events last week. The annual festival boasts some of music’s most talented up-and-coming artists. There, Brown explained to how he feels Detroit rappers have been portrayed in Hip Hop.

“We’ve always been slept on and the we was boxed in by the whole [Eminem] shit. Right now our music is starting to grow into its own sound and people are starting to get past that,” he said. “After J Dilla’s passing, a lot of people started listening to Detroit Hip Hop and I just think the sound is catching up with the times. If you look at some of the biggest artists, like Kanye West, he’s pretty much influenced from J Dilla, who is influenced from Detroit Hip Hop. Even The Roots, what they was doing with the Neo-Soul movement really came from Detroit. Before us, it was just backpack Hip Hop.”

In other news, Dice Raw of The Roots started up his new label. The imprint, R&S Music Group, is reported to maintain a combination of several different genres.

“We are all about the preservation of good music and culture while also trying to be innovative with technology and the web,” Dice Raw said. “We want to open the doors to up-and-coming artists and provide a credible platform of digital distribution without them having to sell their life to a record company.”

Lastly, to celebrate 20 years of making music together, Hip Hop group Hieroglyphics is gearing up to release a fine art piece set to release next month. Called “The Valley of Kings,” the project will include only 300 available canvas prints.

The artwork was put together over the last year, and will present the “‘supernatural’ union between the crew and their musical journey.” The canvases will be numbered and signed by each member in the crew.

“The Valley of Kings” will debut on Nov. 1.