Last week Clifford “T.I.” Harris was sentenced to serve 11 months in prison for violating his probation. The violation in question was for his arrest for drug possession on September 3rd. Other than his lawyer saying that his client was “disappointed” by the verdict, Tip has remained silent. 

Yesterday T.I. spoke on V-103 about his return to the bing. “After this, I will become a better person,” said the Grand Hustle CEO. “I am not without flaw. One thing from my flaws that I have always done, I have accepted responsibility.” 

The 30 year old rapper was set to release his seventh album King Uncaged in the fourth quarter of 2010. With Harris headed back to a cage, the album will be delayed until sometime in 2011.

T.I. was released from prison on March 26, 2010 after serving 366 days on weapons charges. Assuming a full sentence, the Atlanta rapper will be released in the fall of 2011.