In a recent interview with VladTV, Juelz Santana discussed the numerous delays that have trapped his long-awaited collaboration LP with Lil Wayne I Can’t Feel My Face in industry limbo. The Diplomats alum explained that the hold-ups are not due a rift in his relationship with the Young Money star; rather, he explains that industry politics have kept the album from being released.

“The industry is a very political business,” said Santana. “You know, when you’re dealing with politics, a lot goes on. If you look, T-Pain and Lil Wayne’s album didn’t come out. T-Wayne. So, it was nothing between me and Wayne. Wayne is my brother, shout-out to Weezy, Free Weezy all day. I’m actually supposed to see him this weekend coming up – I gotta go see him. I wouldn’t even feel like it’s right if I didn’t go see him. I’m too close to him not to go see him and that’s my dude, that’s my homie.”

Juelz also discussed his initial reaction to the arrest that led to Weezy’s year long incarceration. He feels that the arrest may be profiling by the Hip Hop police, saying that perhaps Wayne’s bus should have been pulled without justification.

“I was more mad the situation went down the way it went down,” he said. “Boy came [to New York], did a big concert, and I’m sure some of the officers had kids [and] family members in that concert. At the end of the day, man did his concert, leaves, gets on his bus. I don’t understand what’s the reason you pulling this man’s bus over? New York is big with this ‘Hip Hop police’ thing, and it’s just…sometimes, we get treated like criminals and we don’t even do nothing.”

Watch the video below for the full interview.