President Obama recently revealed to Rolling Stone that he had Jay-Z, Nas and Lil’ Wayne in his iPod. B.o.B. can now be added to that list. Last night Bobby Ray was in Washington, D.C. performing for the Gen44 Summit and had the opportunity to meet the United States’ Commander-In-Chief.

The Atlanta native was understandably excited to play for Obama, telling XXL, “It went real well actually man, lotta energy in there,” he said. “On a scale of one to ten it would probably have to [rate it] at 44.”

With the President’s iPod being a topic of conversation of late, B.o.B. was pleased to find he had a place in it. “He got me in his iPod. I was like you got a real good iPod then. I made a presidential iPod,” he joked.

When asked what else was said during their brief meeting, Bobby Ray told XXL: “He congratulated me on all the success and said he was proud of everything that I was doing. We snapped a few pictures. It was a really good, really good day yesterday.”