Cleveland, Ohio native Mick Boogie and partner Terry Urban released Viva La Hova in October of 2008. The mixtape arrived at a time when Jay-Z and Coldplay’s Chris Martin maintained a very public friendship and were collaborating on stage and in the studio. More than just a mash-up, Viva La Hova found original production as an outlet to compare catalogs from two of the leading acts of the ’00s. DXnext alum 6th Sense, The Kickdrums and Cookin’ Soul all contributed to the collection.

It was announced this afternoon by Mick Boogie that Viva La Hova has been remastered with two original songs, shortly before its two-year anniversary. “Terry and I were planning on re-releasing it in December anyways, just because everywhere we go, people ask us about it,” said Mick Boogie in a statement. “After Jay-Z and Coldplay announced their big New Years Eve plans, including performing together integrating their songs… and about a million people emailed us… we decided to just drop the re-release now. Why wait?” Mick went on to affirm Viva as “a project that can only be described as ambient cold weather music.”

The new edition can be downloaded here.