Vice Magazine Profiles Wu Wear

HipHopDX loves Vice magazine, especially the “Do’s” and “Don’ts.” We Do. Anyway, the homies over at the mag reminded those of you us who forgot, Wu Wear is still in effect mode. Yes, “the garment renaissance” is still poppin’ according this article, and not just TJ Maxx and Marshall’s racks is gettin’ touched. Shout out to the order sheet included in the Wu-Tang Forever inserts, which more than one HipHopDX editor skipped school to purchase.

Read “Wu Wear Is Still Alive” here.

Hip Hop Album Covers, Ranked And Filed

HipHopDX contributor, friend to the site and blogger extraordinare Andrew Noz linked with Complex for a list chronicling his opinion of the 50 best Rap album covers of all-times. We really, really like this list…especially near the top. What’s cool too, is the designers are credited – a telltale sign that the writer/currator actually owns or owned these albums. This list just made DX’s Editor-in-Chief get a bit salty that his mom tore down his King Tee Act A Fool poster when he moved out of the house way back when.

Read “The 50 Best Rap Album Covers” here.

Nikki Lynette Drops Only The Strong Survive

Lupe Fiasco likes her, and we do too. Check out our girl Nikki Lynette’s Bandcamp release, which dropped today.