Day $7 of Rah Digga’s countdown to release diary finds the hustling emceee rocking her business chapeau hard and slightly tilted to the left. Proving she was economically saavy by crossing over into films in 2001 with 13 Ghosts, Digga seems to have always possessed the constant ability to find other avenues for generating income outside of spitting bars. She recently sealed a deal to have creative input on an application based product that she hopes will be included in the next digital craze. With her new albumClassicdropping in less than three days, Rah looks forward to collaborating with other artists and reminisces on unreleased music she created as a member of two well known crews.

“I’m gonna keep this one short because I have a ton of work piled up in front of me. With all of the various resources and marketing tools at one’s disposal, I feel like nothing beats throwin’ out a joint to the blogs. I certainly do enjoy making them. I’m happy that I’m past the ‘no cameo’ phase of my project because I love collaborating with other artists. Sometimes I miss the crew fun I used to have with Flipmode [Squad] and Outsidaz. I listen to our unreleased stuff and can’t help but think what we’d be doin’ right now if those things woulda came out. But in the words of Chrisette Michele, ‘Let go to get one, win some to lose some.’

Back to work though, It’s crazy that I still have so many more Nottz goodies left too. Along side remixes for Classic, be on the lookout for a new smartphone app called Rah Digga’s Straight Spittin’. It was created by a Pennsylvania-based company and I’ve been signed to oversee it’s creative control. It will allow people to battle between any Blackberry, iPhone, Droid, etc. And just when you thought Twitter was outta control, can you imagine folks battle rappin’ to each other over the phone? [Laughs] At any event, it is due out in the month or so and I think it has the potential to provide a nice entrance for aspiring emcees. The whole functionality of it is crazy and the graphics are dope. Could create the next Eminem or just make for a nice drinking game. Dueces folks!”

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