Fashion week and the MTV Video Music Awards can’t stop a hungry emcee from being creative. Thoughts, beats, and flows travel from the brain and trigger the hand to pick up the rhyme book and expel. For Rah Digga, penning her own rhymes is a mandatory move and a task that can’t be left in anyone else’s hands. Between authoring rhymes, life’s simple pleasures, like anticipating the season finale of some of her favorite shows, will done between thinking about a postClassic release. Day #6 of Rah’s countdown to release diary reveals her use of fans, haters, and the legendary Rakim as inspiration for two of her favorite Classic cuts. While discussing her reasons for making a 10 track album (with a bonus cut), she also names her favorite rapper, talks future remixes and cracking her own whip.

“With all the fashion week parties and VMA festivities, I think I’m gonna cuddle up with my book of rhymes and my fuzzy slippers this weekend and anxiously await the season finales of Entourage and True Blood. Just ’cause the album drops Tuesday, can’t take any breaks. I’m moving at rapid speed to start on the next album that will probably drop as early as spring of next year. Let me not make any promises but I can assure you ‘Straight Spittin’ 5′ is not gonna be too far behind.

I think one of my favorite tracks from Classic has to be ‘Viral.’ Its a song that was formulated straight from blog comments and the beat has a real digital vibe that perfectly compliments the concept. I even include the negative comments. That’s right guys…I see them all…the love and the hate. Hate can be a beautiful, motivational thing. I watched the comments go from ‘Ew, look at all the old washed up rappers tryna come back,’ transform into ‘Aw shit, Digga on fire right now!” [Laughs hysterically] I love it, I actually I need it. You guys make my verses that much sharper. Long live the haters!

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My other favorite song has to be ‘You Got It.’ Its one of my favorite beats on the album from Nottz too. It is the 2010 version of Rakim’s ‘I Got Soul’ in my opinion and it just has all the cuts and samples and makings of a classic golden-age Hip Hop joint. [That’s] probably why I saved it to be #10 on the album. I know everyone is probably thinking, ‘Why only 10 songs?’ I really wanted my album to be short and sweet just like my favorite Rap album Illmatic. I am proud to admit that I copied that album down to the album cover. No I didn’t get the idea from Tha Carter album..or [Ready To Die]..but my dear favorite rapper ‘Nasty Nas.’ At any event I must crack the whip on my own self ’cause there is gonna be an onslaught of remixes featuring artists that are my favorite lyricists as opposed to being the most popular rappers. I’m super stoked for the ‘You Got It’ remix which is already in progress. K…holla at yall tomorrow…blank pages are starin’ at me right now!”

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